March 23-25, 2018

Begins 5pm Friday, Mar 23 in Cuneo Hall 109

Ends 2pm Sunday, Mar 25 in McCormick Lounge

Welcome to DataFest!

If you’re not a Loyola student, click HERE for guest Wi-Fi Instructions.

Wifi Login: datafest

Password: luc253793

Participation is restricted to teams of 2 to 5 students. Individual registrations are welcome! (Those individuals will be placed into teams during on-site registration).

Please register early to ensure your place in this year’s DataFest!

Each participating student who registers* will receive an official DataFest Loyola t-shirt!***

(*quantity and sizes are limited, **t-shirt shown was 2016 design)

For any questions or comments, please write to

Where to Stay

About the venue

About Loyola

Campus Map

Loyola University Chicago

Cuneo Hall 109 &

Coffey Hall-McCormick Lounge

1000 W. Sheridan Rd.

Chicago, IL 60660

  1. @8:30 AM - Breakfast; Rooms open: Cuneo 107, 109, 111, 116, 117

  2. @12:00 PM - Lunch

  3. @5:30 PM - Dinner

  4. @Midnight - Cuneo Hall closes

Schedule for Saturday, March 24 (Cuneo Hall 109)

  1. @5:00 PM - Registration and Pizza Dinner

  2. @6:00 PM - Opening remarks, and data revealed

  3. @7:00 PM - Workshops/Tutorials; roughly 30-45 minutes.

                     ***R Tutorial (Cuneo Hall 117)*** - led by Professor Greg Matthews (subject to change)

                     ***Python Tutorial (Cuneo Hall 111)*** - led by Professor Mark Albert (subject to change)

  1. @Midnight - Cuneo Hall closes

Schedule for Friday, March 23 (Cuneo Hall 109)

  1. @8:30 AM - Breakfast

  2. @11:00 AM - Final Presentations begin

  3. @12:30 PM - Lunch

  4. @1:30 PM - Awards ceremony

  5. @1:45 PM - Closing remarks

Schedule for Sunday, March 25 (McCormick Lounge)

Getting to Loyola

What Is ASA DataFest?

DataFest is a data “hackathon” for students, founded at UCLA in 2011 to motivate a data-analysis class project, that makes data analysis more fun and meaningful while incentivizing good scientific practice and presentation. Now sponsored by the American Statistical Association, ASA DataFest is run through several host institutions across the country, including right here at Loyola University Chicago!

ASA DataFest @ Loyola Chicago is hosted by the Loyola Department of Mathematics and Statistics, and the Loyola Department of Computer Science.


ASA DataFest will introduce you to what is likely the richest, most complex dataset you’ve seen so far in your college career. The dataset is provided by a real-life organization and is chosen to provide many avenues of discovery. Students at any stage of their data-science education will find something of interest and will have the opportunity to make an original finding. Students from any major are welcome.


Mingle with data science professionals who visit DataFest to offer their advice and answer your questions.  You’ll also get to meet students from other colleges and universities.


Past participants of an ASA DataFest have gone to job interviews and are able to describe how they can overcome technical challenges, explain how they work under time pressure, and can talk about their thoughts on solving real-life data-problems.

Learn more about DataFest here.

Countdown to the 2018 ASA DataFest @ Loyola Chicago!

DataFest 2017 Results:

  1. The Bang Bang Boys (W. Michigan Univ) ***WINNER - Best Insight***

  2. A3 (Wheaton College) ***WINNER - Best Visualization***

  3. STACKED (Loyola Univ Chicago) ***WINNER - Best Use of External Data***

Other Participating Teams:

  1. Non-Ignorables

  2. 100% Confident

  3. Coast to Coast

  4. Recursion Strikes Again

  5. Fantastic Five

  6. Maximum Likelihood Guesstimates

  7. Unexpected ‘)’

  8. The Pied Pipers

  9. DePaul Actuarial Science Club

  10. The Outliers (Truman College)

  11. Well It Compiles

  12. Winter is Coming

  13. Too Logit

DataCamp is offering one-month free for DataFest participants. Learn more here:

Check out some of the photos from 2016!

A BIG-data THANK YOU to all our DataFest2018 sponsors!!

Jobs for Students!

  1. Advertise your job openings here!

Give to ASA DataFest @ Loyola Chicago!

Each year, we need funding sources for food, prizes and t-shirts. We also need volunteers to contribute their time to judge final presentations, run a mini-workshop/tutorial, or be an “expert consultant” helping participants with general coding/data questions.

Please email for more info on how you can help.

DataFest 2018 Results:

  1. The Alternative Facts (Northeastern Illinois/Loyola Univ Chicago) ***WINNER - Best Insight***

  2. Temporary (Western Michigan) ***WINNER - Best Visualization***

  3. Truman Geeks (Truman College) ***WINNER - Best Use of External Data***

Other Participating Teams:

  1. Alpha Squad

  2. Kool Aid for the Analysts

  3. NULL

  4. One Punch Man

  5. Random Fighters

  6. Stats Boosted (DePaul)

  7. Team #2

  8. The Incredibly Significant 5 (Western Illinois)

  9. Wet Noodles

A special thanks to our panel of judges:

  1. Rob Arthur (Free-lance data journalist)

  2. Tom Gould (Constellation)

  3. Veena Mendiratta (NOKIA/Bell Labs)

  4. Michael Wenz (NEIU)